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Injection Print

Time-Tested Proven Performance

The World of Injection Print

Creating solutions that meet specific conditions imposed by a client’s design and budget requirements is always our primary focus. The importance we place on allowing our clients the ability to transform their most creative concepts into beautiful realities, regardless of tight budget restrictions is never more evident than with our ColourOptics Electronic Injection Print Program.

The ColourOptics Zimmer Chromojet printing unit is one of the most advanced systems in the world. Radically different from all other methods of printing, the Zimmer Chromojet doesn’t require screens and is revolutionary in its ability to create unlimited pattern repeats. This unique system allows for the use of up to twenty-four colors per design, with such flexibility there is little or no restrictions in design and most importantly, unlike many other systems, Injection Print doesn’t have standard color banks, therefore we can match exact colors to the client’s palettes.

In addition to its color and design flexibility, another important benefiting factor is the precise printing capability of the program’s machinery. The carpet is stationary when the printing process takes place, leading to accuracy of design, especially important when multi-width matching is required. Deepest color penetration and excellent print resolution are the result of electronics, mechanics and chemistry.

During the production, the flexibility of Print continues in that we can produce down to a minimum of 120 square yards. Injection Print also offers a full-design and trail facility – even better – it allows us to produce small quantities for mock-up rooms and corridor areas. As an alternative solution to providing fine quality woven carpet, Print can meet almost any budget requirement and project criteria imposed by a client. The program offers products with 100% nylon, 80% wool/20% nylon cut-pile configurations or 80% wool/20% nylon for loop pile products. Production is at a width of 13’2″ (4 meters) and can be supplied with Lobac® or cushion felt built backing providing extra underfoot comfort and exceptional wear characteristics.


  • Cost savings over traditional woven products, which is ideal for strict budget requirements
  • Unlimited color choices and custom design possibilities
  • Advanced technologies simulate the woven product look
  • Time-tested, proven performance
  • Quick response time for design development, trials and production
  • Chromojet trial machines produce samples of up to 3′ x 3′, allowing for design and color adjustments prior to mainstream production


Injection Print Program Specifications

Yarn Types Width Color
(All Yarn Types)
Artemis 80% Wool/20% Nylon 13’2″ (4 meters) 1-12 100 m2 120 sq. yd.
AP Generic Nylon 6 13’2″ (4 meters) 13-16 830 m2 1,000 sq. yd.
DP DuPont Nylon 6.6 13’2″ (4 meters) 17-20 1,650 m2 2,000 sq. yd.
AP-ST Nylon 6 (Loop) 13’2″ (4 meters) 21-24 2,500 m2 3,000 sq. yd.
Backing Materials
  • Standard Primary – Polypropylene, Standard Secondary – Lobac®
  • Available – Felt 300 & 550 gms/m2
  • Available – Moisture Barrier and Antimicrobial for Healthcare/Senior Living – Nylon only – 800 sq. yd. minimum
Tiles/Easy Lift
  • Available – “Easy Lift Strong” loose – lay in .91″ x .91″ (3′ x 3′) tile, or sheet goods (can cut to 6’7″ (2 meters), Use release adhesive. 300 sq. yd. minimum
Cut-Down Widths
  • Available – 6 Weeks Notice Required


The Chromojet system achieves an even more detailed print image and enables the use of up to 24 colors per design.

Creating solutions that meet specific conditions imposed by a client’s design and budget requirements is always our primary focus.

The importance we place on allowing our clients the ability to transform their most creative concepts into beautiful realities, regardless of tight budget restrictions is never more evident than with our ColourOptics Electronic Injection Print Program.



See first-hand how our ColourOptics Injection Print Program has provided solutions to specific conditions imposed by our client’s design and budget requirements. We ensure that this program is met with the highest creative and technical expertise that you have come to expect from our company. See for yourself the wonders of our Injection Print and how its time-tested, proven performance can work for you!