Customized designs from our Pure Elements Collection were recently installed at the Inselhotel Rote Erde, Borkum, an East Frisian Island. Here you can see the transformation from design to carpet. We combined the sand and wooden plank designs to reflect on the North Sea beaches which are located five minutes away, to furnish the corridors of the hotel. For the restaurant area our circular wood design was used to create a natural theme throughout.

‘Why do I not hear my footsteps? Am I keeping my feet dry? What is a plastered walkway doing in this building? Water without moisture, lawns without nettles, wood without clicking, metal without clanging, a beach without sand? Yes, but everything is functional, atmospheric and comfortable – on hard-wearing carpets from Couristan.

It is the interplay of the elements, design and technology with which the flooring can create unique themed worlds of experience.

The ‘Pure Elements’ design guide offers inspiration for the design of hotel, shop and office spaces. Whether it is an eye-catching feature, a natural-looking impression or an exciting combination of various elements – the possibilities open up an interesting degree of scope.

Pure Elements is a high resolution print collection, made up of six different categories, a combination of natural and man-made elements – Wooden Floor, Pebbles and Stones, Soft Meadow, At The Beach, Concrete Touch and Metal. See below our inspirational mood boards to represent each category.