Omni Austin Hotel Downtown, Austin, TX

Design Firm:


Woven Axminster



Project Details

The Omni Austin Hotel Downtown in Austin, Texas is an appointed luxury hotel that surrounds visitors with comfort and style while boasting their well-appointed accommodations featuring spectacular views of the thriving city. Offering a modern twist to the property, Pickard Design Studio and Leo A. Daly in Dallas, Texas used their design expertise to create a classical paisley pattern, embellished within a unique background, inspired by a natural wood grain pattern. The combination of the two patterns offered a modern take on décor that looked absolutely spectacular. In order to complete this look for the 1,334 square yards of carpet used, Couristan's Omni Weave EJ Custom Axminster Program was utilized for its precision and quality. The innovative carpets can be found throughout the Resident Corridors and Elevator Sitting areas. Back to Portfolio