HD EXPO 2016

Thanks a Bunch!

Couristan showcased a garden of tranquility amongst the glitter, inspired by a blend of watercolors and peony flowers, we presented a wide range our of products including Axminster, Hand Carved, Hand Tufted and Multi Level Cut Loop, ranging through a palette of neutral tones to deep sea blues.


We pride ourselves on having a beautiful, top-of-the-line product, using the latest advanced technology.

Machine-tufted carpets are made when the tufts, clusters of yarn fibers, are drawn through some sort of medium and inserted into a primary backing. A secondary backing is then adhered to the primary backing with a coat of latex, effectively laminating for a 2-dimensional construction. This creates a beautiful 3D effect to add depth and texture to the carpet.

Couristan offers a wide diversity of products, we also have an extensive range of stocked indoor and outdoor rugs…

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One of the most innovative programs we have at Couristan is our ability to provide customers with the option of creating a custom hand-tufted rug. Hand-tufted rugs are among the most luxurious, creative and artistic in the world of rug production.

Several factors contribute to their lavishness, including yarn content, fine detailing and finishing techniques.

The yarns we use are finer and are used for more intricate design detail including petit point loop and low tight cut-pile constructions, making for an extremely smooth, soft and durable surface.

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