jude mulhern

Exclusive Interview

Ritz Carlton, Sarasota

Couristan worked with Bilkey Llinas Design firm to cover and furnish the ballroom, prefunction areas and guest corridors of The Ritz Carlton, Sarasota, FL.

Read below our interview led by Designer Jude Mulhern of Bilkey Llinas Design:

How did you discover interior design?
By chance – I graduated with a degree in Textile Design and then worked in the Antiques business for a year. A friend recommended me for a job with a new Interior Design Company and it seemed like a natural progression.

Where did you find your inspiration for this project?
The Inspiration for the project was 100% Geographical. After completing an intense weekend of local touring and cultural immersion the color palette and design style grew from those experiences, for instance the corridor carpet was inspired by the unique colors of the Sarasota sunset reflecting on the Ocean.

Your style has been described as “elegant”. Do you see it that way?
I’m not sure I have a particular style. The BLD philosophy is to create Design Solutions that are completely unique for each project and this is also in line with the Ritz-Carlton Brand Design Strategy. I think elegance is important in a five star product even when the style is rustic or minimalist. I like to think I approach each new design challenge with a completely fresh eye and an open mind.

What do you love the most about being a designer?
Making the client happy of course!

Which colors, textures and techniques do you prefer in Carpet design?
I particularly like the multitude of textures, layering and carving effects that can be created in Axminster and Hand Tufted, but the new technology in Multi Level Cut and Loop carpets is producing some great products and opportunities to push the design boundaries.

Describe your design style in three words.
Sophisticated. Harmonious. Relevant.


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